Smiling Feet

“But you are the CEO of a hugely successful company, our profits have only gone up year on year, and ours is the most respected brand with such a variety of footwear, what troubles you dad?”, asked Milind.

“I will show you in a minute”, Dilip took a deep breath and looked away at the vistas of the city from his corner office. As the clock struck the hour, a knock on the door followed by, “did you want to see me Mr. Dilip, and hello Milind…”, said Ganesh, the production manager of the company. “Yes, please come in Ganesh, have we started scaling the production with the 3D just-on-the-feet shoes? How do the numbers look?”, asked Dilip.

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The line

Start lineMelting the haze of confusion, with a lucid shine
this person’s speak, makes even the enemies benign
such ease of speech and diction! will I ever divine?
“Nay!”, says the doubting mind, and draws a blinding line Read More

a matter of

“…principle”, she said firmly between her sobs. “You are being very emotional and sentimental, she is just a 6 year old, and clearly they do not understand the difference between right and wrong yet”, said Satish, her husband.

“And that is precisely why the people around these 6-year-olds need to act up the right way. I am angry not because our daughter lied to me, but how no one else thinks it is worth the attention. I am not being sentimental, I just care enough not to ignore!”, came an angry response. Read More

Bee their Fire

In ancient times, somewhere in the forests of Central Europe lived a tribe by name Beertas. They created a colony in the deep forests of the land and preferred to stay away from the rest of the civilization. The Kingdoms around these forests heard of folklore that spoke about special abilities of the Beertas and how they have figured out a way of life intertwined with nature.

Of the many great skills the Beertas were known to possess, they were also known to be experts at identifying medicinal herbs and gathering honey from the most exquisite beeswax. One of the lesser known reasons why the tribes were let on their own without being conquered by the neighboring kingdoms was due to the reliance on the Beertas to cure certain deadly diseases by sharing rare herbs and rare honey extracted from impossible locations of the land. “They speak to the bees and are lead by them to these locations”, said the village people that lived closer to the forests. Read More

Seek or speak

“Speak up Sssssarin…”, ridiculed the merchant.”We all know that you are slow with your words, what’s up with your legs today? Did a snail bite you…”, he cursed some more before letting Sarin drop the last of his grain bags in the store. Sarin stammered as the words simply wouldn’t come out. He left the godown murmuring to himself, ‘…was attacked by robbers, had to put all my strength and wit to escape from them and safeguard your grain…‘, and without his knowledge blurted out, “itttttttts not worth it, lllllllettt ‘e getttttaoutta hhhhheere” and left the place. Read More