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Hurtling across the Niche27, Harry had only one thought in mind, he had to carry the news of the new hideout to his clan. He was the best soldier of the unit entrusted with the task of exploring new hideouts and ensuring that his clan survived the constant threats that they were subjected to. He was sent to the army at a very young age. His speed and swiftness meant that he soon became the best cadet of the academy. He graduated from the AntzArmyAcademy (AAA or Antza for short) with honors. The mission of “survival” was etched in his mind. Survival and security of his clan.

Racing across the crevices of Niche27 (the highway connecting the current home of his community and the military camp over the corner 10 feet away), Harry could hear booming sounds every now and then.
“Footsteps!” Harry thought, paused momentarily and moved on. “Zzzzzzzzzzsssstaaaxx”, harry passed on he information, in Antza the language of his community, to a passerby cadet headed towards the military camp. The news of the hideout has to be passed across as soon as possible. Their current hideout had been found out and it will not be long before it will be flooded with toxic sprays or fluids. The AntzResearchAcademy (ARA) had developed very many devices against these attacks from the demonic humans, but you never know if a new toxin will be used. No risks can be taken.

Harry was considering the massive restructuring that had to be done at their new hideout. He had already passed on the information to the WAF ( WorkerAntzForce ) and he was sure that they’d already got their troops working at that location. New home had to be built, the food needs to be shifted, lots of work before settling down, “but for how long, before they move again?” Harry thought. Till date Harry was involved in as many as 200 migrations. He still remembered the professionalism exhibited by the soldiers of the AAA during the migration, as a kid he adorned them and he knew what he was going to be when he grows up.

At the AAA and the WAF, many principles were taught, principles which every Ant has to abide by and the three most important ones were the AndreanAntLaws – “1. The certainty of an ant returning home from where it leaves is inversely proportional to the distance it travels to accomplish its job, 2. The fame of an Antz life is directly proportional to the distance it travels to accomplish its job and 3. An ant lives and dies for fame”. Harry watched thousands of his relatives wither away as per the first law. Thousands of his friends vanished into nowhere. Harry chalked out his goal of life, to live only by breaking the first law. Harry was a famous ant aka dist-ant!

Harry also remembered his grandfather’s tales, those nights when grandpa used to tell the tales of valor and the Ant Legends to all the astonished kids of the clan. Grandpa used to tell them that their kind existed much before any others did, and they were the resilient lot. They withered more easily, lived between deaths, washed away, trampled, blown, but they always persisted. And the biggest reason was that they all lived by sacrificing for each other. Sacrifice was the code of conduct for them. Sacrifice and team work. Sacrifice, team work and persistence. They persisted to survive, they worked together to survive and they sacrificed for each other to survive. What a beautiful life harry thought, for he understood that if death is a constant companion, then there was nothing that any Ant was ever afraid of.

“Now that we have learnt the traits of sacrifice, cooperation and persistence where do we all go from here..”, Harry mused. “Where do we go after we die?”. Grandpa’s voice boomed from within, “Where every other species goes, do your duty, learn your lessons and you will be promoted Harry”. “After death!!??”, Harry always wondered. “We are all here to learn our lessons Harry..”, the voice continued. “..Learn as much as you can and die a popular ant, don’t get bogged down by the distractions and threats, keep moving on…”.

A distant boom brought Harry back to his conscious self, there was no time to be lost, he had to move on, he had a bigger responsibility at hand. Harry took a sharp turn and felt a gigantic swish as if a tornado brushed by, he barely managed to leap into the tiny opening when another swish nearly blew him off. “The humans clearing the boulders away”, Harry giggled to himself. The migration is going to be smooth after all. He vanished into the next split and hastened towards his people.

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