Chisel away…

The supple companion to a dexterous hand
molding carelessly to the motions’ demand
holding with integrity to the searing oven
quality of clay ensure a potter’s true sign

Unshattered resolve to the chiseling pain
Lasting integrity to battle the scraping strain
Shedding the crust dainty, in a trusting resign
Outlasts the sculpting stone its culture’s reign

What a beautiful cause to set out for
to practice to become such a worthy matter
of suppleness and strength and great character
to allow to be molded into a moving grandeur

Indeed even more beautiful, to find such a mentor
that can wield his commitment in building your stature
chiseling your path, presenting you to the future
moving you from a good pupil, to the next new teacher

The work of art marked by such a wonder
possible only with trust and an element of surrender
May we get chiseled with resolve, built to survive every thunder
Kind teachers always around us, chipping away with splendor

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2 replies

  1. Wow! It took me three reading to understand the meaning!
    I also remembered a saying from Michael Angelo that the statue is already existing in the stone, I only chisel away the unwanted pieces around it 🙂

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  2. I second Milind, took me two readings of the initial para’s to decipher and indulge into it. Reminds me of the song ‘Chisel Meets The Stone’ by 4Him. Beautifully articulated the unfazed faith of the stone(mentee) in the sculptor(mentor) and the commitment of the sculpture in giving shape to the stone with the intent of synergizing the same legacy forward !

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