Juice it up

What do you think of making juice as a profession?

Depending upon to which geography you belong, this could be a very normal to an extremely insulting question!

There is a juice outlet that we started visiting recently. The first time we visited, we were extremely pleased with the “attitude” of the team (if I could call them that). They were just breezing around, as if on steroids and some kind of hip hop music playing in their heads. Their movements in collecting fruits and other condiments, using the juicers, washing the jars, mixing things, pouring juice in the serving glasses, cleaning up the tables, cleaning the floor and the seating areas – all of it, fluid & orchestrated! You could just sit there and watch them work, for it felt like a dance – they were just connected with what they did!

Well“, we thought, “this could just be here in this place – joejuice is lucky to have such people at this counter“.

Then we went to another Joejuice counter in a different location in the city. Almost the same display of playfulness at work. The energy was amazing. They do this throughout the day. And mind you, the queue was long and the place was full, so it is not like these guys get to “move” only once in a while. And no, there was no digital involved (may be that’s an area of improvement, what do you think? ;-)), they take the names in a piece of paper, take the order and call out the name once the order is ready.

And this time, I observed the caption – “If it is not made with love, then it is not made at Joe & Juice” – written on a piece of paper in big letters with a smiley and stuck near the billing counter.

What a statement! What a display of attitude!

I looked up their website to see if this is their company caption, but I couldn’t find it there. The website is amazing by the way – you should visit it here. There are things like “Do you have what it takes to be a juicer?” and things like “joecastings” (like screencastings done usually for people who want to do films and professional acting).

I am sure these guys will soon end up in one of the management gurus upcoming books and we will get to learn from them on how to electrify a workplace by bringing passion to work (they may already be in the case studies somewhere!). You have heard about the Pike place fish market, didn’t you?

Watching them was a great experience – and back to my first question – what do you think of making juice as a profession?

Well, it doesn’t really matter I think – as long as we elevate any profession with passion and electrify the work place – don’t just communicate, but pass magic with every word and interaction with colleagues around.

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  1. I think it’s all about what you would enjoy doing. A job satisfaction pays you double in form of mental happiness, whereas a job for salary is never enough.

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