In making it count, in making a new advent
In shaping it right, unfolding a new meaning to light

In cutting it deep, in weeding out that wasteful heap
In pushing the limit, despite the world’s countless omit

In moving yet another stride, miles ahead where no one has before tried
In taking a new steep, in reaching out to that unconquered peak

In befriending the surging pain, putting every muscle to the strain
In embracing the painful slide, in letting out the pleading pride

In finding that rightful level, in conveying the virtuous reveal
In forgoing that needed breath, granting an undivided moment’s wealth

In tolerating the tiring surround, yet lending the needy a helping hand
In leading from the front in command, in letting go to follow a brighter comprehend

In freeing up many a nagging doubt, in letting that tiny confidence sprout
In soaking up with a smile many a shout, in revealing in silence an infinite might

In living every moment, in making such an impact
In demanding every movement, crafting together such a tract


4 Comments on “In…

  1. In trying to do always right, to make a difference slight
    In trying to show it bright, Its not just living but living right

  2. Beautiful unfolding’s capturing almost anything & everything under the sun that one befalls upon ‘In the conquest to refine oneself’.. !!

  3. In pursuit of better world..may you continue to create an impact with power of words..!

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