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A minor experiment using pseudo code (resembles Ruby programming language, but syntax is not accurate to make it easy to read). Non programmer readers, you should be also able to follow along, please read through until the end.

typical_activities_in_a_day = [“read a journal article”, “gossip over coffee”, “say bad things about work”, “help someone in need”, “participate actively in meetings”,”refactor/improve”, “say no to procrastinators”, “plan for the week”, “revisit task list”, “categorize priorities”, “inspire others”,”have fun at work”, “say no to work because its not my problem”, “understand value before working”, “cleverly avoid work”, “look for opportunities to contribute”, “have a reading list”, “practice articulation”, “practice power messaging”, “be human”, “recognize others”, “keep promises”, “ask questions”, “clarify”, “keep fit”, “energize others”, “keep innovating”, “take risks”, “respect constraints”, “leverage what you have”, “work with a vision”]

def amplify (whatever_i_do)
..if whatever_i_do.has_positive_impact_on_self
….return (whatever_i_do * 10.times.worth.impact)
 ..elsif whatever_i_do.has_positive_impact_on_others
….return (whatever_i_do * 100.times.worth.impact)
..elsif whatever_i_do.has_no_impact
….return (whatever_i_do * 5.times.worth.energy_drain)
..else return self.seriously?

def routine_in_a_day ([first_thing_at_work, activity_to_improve, activity_to_help, activity_to_prepare, active_participation, activity_avoided])
….personality_impact_of_the_day = amplify(first_thing_at_work) + amplify(activity_to_improve) + amplify(activity_to_help) + amplify(activity_to_prepare) + amplify(activity_avoided) + amplify(active_participation)
….return personality_impact_of_the_day

def where_am_i_headed (time, units, routine_in_a_day)
….return time.units.times * personality_impact_of_the_day

Let’s give a person by name ramu the power of these methods. And he decides to shuffle them up and apply them in a day.

ramu.routine_in_a_day(typical_activities_in_a_day.shuffle()[0..5]) #shuffles the items (activities) in the typical_activities_in_a_day list and picks the first 6 random elements and gives them to the routine_in_a_day method
ramu.where_am_i_headed (1, year, routine_in_a_day)
ramu.where_am_i_headed(2, year, routine_in_a_day)

With shuffling ramu may get lucky and get somewhere!

How about asking elon musk to choose from the above activity list? Or someone in the close vicinity (sitting right next in the friendly neighborhood perhaps?) It will be a good experiment 🙂

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3 replies

  1. Very interesting! Everyday, I put my iPod on shuffle and wait for the selection of songs it presents :)….On a workday, at the start, its similar with opening my mailbox! Depending on what mails come up on top, the tasks get selected 🙂 🙂

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  2. Phani, Very good articulation. Two ways of seeing it.. making it very interesting by putting it in a programing perspective which is easily understanadable, secondly hunmosruly trying to push Ramu towards luck.. I think it happens in real life too in some ways. Very good articulation Phani.. daily and continious improvements are evident in your posts..

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  3. Very much innovative way of putting across the message. Interesting !
    By the way who is this Ramu!!

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