Meaning(M) Vs Assumption(A)

M : I can hide in plain sight
A : Thanks to that, I am more friendlier and visible everywhere

M : I am with you if you are “present”
A : I don’t need your presence, I am very low maintenance

M : Genuineness precedes me and purpose succeeds me usually
A : I precede and succeed myself, I keep it simple bro!

M : The wraps around me can be taken away by a few good questions
A : Questions are painful, I make it easy to work with me

M : Listening well makes me enter with ease
A : I am omnipresent, unless you come in to cramp my space

M : It saddens me that I get so close to being found and get lost in translation
A : I usually go from one state (of assumption) to the other, I transform!

M : Although I don’t usually defy logic, sometimes I do, and I get enriched by emotion
A : I can control and short circuit emotions too, so watch out bro!

M : My appeal is sometimes personal and it takes effort to make me generally acceptable
A : Since I make it easy, I am low barrier in most cases, everyone empathizes with me

M : I can stand alone without crashing down
A : I need more of me as layers to rise up, and it can be fun crashing down

M : Once I am fully known, I power more of myself
A : Once I am fully found out, you usually come in to kick me out!

M : I am with you to find me and embrace me
A : I am with you until you release me

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  1. Again a well thought concept and very well executed… Superb Phani..

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  2. Awesome Phani…very inspiring

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  3. An easy read, thought provoking at the same time.

    I am sure you wrote this in a professional context, and yet it so clearly Is true of non-professional contexts too.

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  4. Nice one phani…

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  5. Again, a riveting read filled with insightfulness. Instilling indeed Phani!

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  6. Good one Phani

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  7. Good one, Phani.

    M: I can be the cause, I can be the outcome
    A: I can hide you and try to keep it hidden as I can transform

    M: I am only one , cannot be different or changed
    A: I am on my own, but I care or do not care it does matter to you

    M: I am truth, fact and destination
    A: I and many such Is are milestones to you

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  8. Excellent blog Phani…really liked it

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  9. New to your blog. Love this one Phani. Very well articulated. Can’t wait to read your other posts

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  10. M: I provide identity
    A: I make an ASS of U & ME 🙂

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  11. Well… first of all…your topics are amazing. Kudos to that!
    This debate is as good and as bona fide as the ‘natural and healthy foods Vs fast foods and preseved foods’ and to the same effect is painstakingly constructive and the other is a deliberate destruction (if not judiciously made). But then….a lot of times….assumption is the only stepping stone one has….so as long as the nature of assumption is in good light I guess it remains meaningful

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