but bad or good

HiFi Klubben

  • <Wrong/great> articulation <kills/promotes good> message
  • … models … insight
  • … data sample … models
  • … ideas shared … progress
  • … discipline … capabilities
  • … execution … strategy
  • … environment … ideas
  • … patience & listening in a conversation … potential inputs
  • … appreciation … culture*
  • … support to someone in need … teamwork
  • … attitude to feedback … learning
  • … trying out … opportunity
  • … +++++++ … ++++++

Thanks to HiFi Klubben for a simple but powerful tagline! As given in my first line example, each of the above lines can be filled with either “bad/wrong” or “great/good” for the first blank and with “kills/weakens (a) good” or “promotes/encourages (a) good” for the second blank.

* The queer thing about culture – when someone deliberately practices a great and progressive approach/habit/idea/practice or does the reverse (regressive practice/procrastinating work/giving up on decisions/not trying alternatives/blame game/and so on) – and says “it happens like this around here”, it will be true for both cases. It will be very helpful to say “it happens like this around here” for the former behavior and move culture ahead and not say anything for the latter.

A piece of blank paper is always a place of good intentions.” – Anthony T. Hincks


8 thoughts on “but bad or good

  1. These are absolutely bang on ! Input & Output or Action & Result etc are actually linked to the proverb “as you sow so shall you reap” but presenting it in the way you have done is commendable. Simply Excellent !

  2. Reminds me of the expression, ‘garbage in, garbage out’! 🙂 The folks involved (in the process of creating the environment/culture/music/ehat-have-you) should be aware (or made aware) if the inputs aren’t good, that the results may not end up (being/doing) good either!

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