Leaders’ glow

This is a poem that I wrote several years ago and pleasantly encountered it in a notepad stowed away in a forgotten folder!

Don’t recollect the inspiration for writing it, but on a fresh read now this still looked appealing to its essence – the attitude of a leader(or an innovator or an explorer…) that can soak up tirelessly, any amount of hardship/unknown circumstances and provide direction and clarity to the rest. Kudos to all such leaders/brave people that take the initiative to keep powering forward and making a difference.


So here it is, with minor edits, enjoy –

Smirking at the toils, relying on the inner glow
absorbing some more heat, even the furnace we swallow.

Forged in inspiration, in a fiery gusto
are the metals of our mettle, we embrace another blow.

Don’t let the tiredness tire, we enthuse it, “bravo!”
amaze the mazes often, we make them look shallow.

We inspire the confusion, absorb it in a go
expire a new excitement, new order we bestow.

Incisive to a sigh, even, in the twitch of a brow
we stand beacons of wisdom, of doubt we leave no shadow.

Soaked in enthusiasm, always in the humble now
engulfed in humility, we never ever slow.

Charged up to our breath, in a vision we wallow
to breathe it in every heart, is our sacred vow.

We move in further forward, together we into grow
as the roots of aspiration, let the fruits themselves show.


8 Comments on “Leaders’ glow

  1. Very nice….specially liked the first line don’t let the tiredness tire…👌👌such a great message

  2. Inspiring!!
    Unfortunately we find more Managers than Leaders!

  3. Nice one!
    Great leaders often go on to make more of their kind…their inspiration lasts beyond the terms and tenures. Good leaders can set so many things right. I ve had the taste of both and know the significance pretty much.

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