The Relentless War

The rivalry between genines and artifs was on for centuries dating back into the far unknown past. Each clan claimed that they were pure and somewhere, somehow and at some time they got polluted giving rise to the other. They killed each other in the open with no regard or fear of getting caught. They both believed in their might, although on a given day one clan overpowered the other. Each had their strengths and war strategy.

A poor family somewhere in the outskirts
“We used to be powerful when the world didn’t hit abundance and there was sharing and equality to some extent!”, grandfather genine exclaimed to genine junior. “But we are losing ground and artifs are attacking from all directions. We should stay close and inhabit the areas where people are happy and connected”, he continued.

“Last time you said, we are doing well in the universities and places where innovation happens, grandfather…? I mean, I read in the news yesterday that a huge group of artifs invaded some institutions overnight and killed genines mercilessly…I am desperate for revenge, are we that weak a clan?”, junior expressed his frustration.

“We don’t use weapons, we never did and we fight by penetration and by gaining strength from within, whereas artifs use crafted weapons and make sudden attacks. Sometimes we get killed despite of staying strong for several years. Artifs also have a technique of hiding among us until the right time & environment and they suddenly unveil themselves to complete the kill”, grandfather genine explained.

“Ah! Don’t scare the kid so much pops, we are not that weak either, I have carefully, mind you very carefully, nurtured missions and attacks against artifs and drove them out. Couldn’t quite kill them, they are still very slippery…”, father genine intervened. “…one thing we like about our clan son, no matter how few and far we get, we have the blessing of deep sleep. Artifs can only dream of it, the nights clearly belong to us and they can do nothing about it…”, father genine concluded as he slid into a deep slumber.

This was a poor genine establishment with a hard working father and caring mother and the kid just about beginning to go to school. The earnings were meager and the grandfather provided the much needed strength with his unique skills to fend off artifs if they ever tried to attack, but the family as such were happy.

The artifs had multiple strategies to kill the genine clan. They introduced competition to split genines up. Now some genines were subscribed to the group INTERCONNECT Inc., and they didn’t fear competition and stayed strong. The inc ensured that they had the needed insurance to overcome any calamity and kept their trust amongst each other alive. But not all genines believed in the inc and fell prey to the tricks of artifs.



Artifs had an association backing them as well, their main supplier of arms, The CEIVE Inc, and every artif, mind you every artif subscribed to it. This was one amazing strength that the artifs exhibited. Clearly the per capita from INTERCONNECT was far lesser than the per (capita) from CEIVE Inc. and this drove artifs to attack relentlessly.

Genines tried to employ specialists and survivors amongst themselves to break through this anarchy and gain an upper hand. But several missions were abandoned midway as artifs found out these pursuits and killed the genines even before they started.

It needed new leadership thinking and true belief on their very nature of existence for the genines to survive. The survivors all had few things in common – either a heavy subscription/sometimes special grants from INTERCONNECT Inc which gave them enough resources to fight or they were extremely well-trained with purpose & passion that artifs could not overpower them with any weapon. Sometimes by pure coincidence or active subscription, these well-trained genines also subscribed to INTERCONNECT and did their bit to spread the word.

An employee manager conversation
“Isn’t the digital age giving us any edge over the artifs boss?” asked an employee from a company that was well known for business and supporting the communities where they operated. “Well, it does, but the artifs have infiltrated digital tech as well, the CEIVE Inc released a spread-Ware that converts every genine message quickly into an artif one…”, replied the manager. “Ya, the quick-fame spread-ware with the version upgrade FOMO (fear of missing out)…”, the employee replied quickly. “But even here too, the well trained genines survive as they hang on to their true purpose, heck they are trained to do so and constantly push other genines to subscribe…although not so widely recognized, the INTERCONNECT keeps powering from behind and the spread-ware hasn’t found a way to crack this yet…”, continued the manager. “I was attending a conference recently which took off well and I was getting comfortable with the set of genines around me and someone walked in…I must admit, that person had a flair and such beautiful articulation…but before the conference concluded half the genines were killed overnight. The matter is still being investigated…she turned out to be an expert artif!”, the manager reflected.

A board room conversation
“Innovation is impossible in this company unless we drive the artifs out, even though the genines are the majority, it is hard to find these infiltrators!”, remarked the CEO genine to his leadership team looking inquiringly at them. “We are guided by values for a reason, we get huge benefit from the INTERCONNECT Inc for driving a value based growth strategy, helping the communities as we grow, we just need to make our employees continuously believe the same”, he continued. “The artifs pose a constant threat though. They are making targeted attacks via ad campaigns, comparisons and lure of short term, to either convert them into artifs or kill them…”, the group Chief Operating Officer explained. “Incentives help to an extent, but the genine code says ‘engagement’ is the best incentive and it drives strength and creates environment for innovation- artifs cannot be fought without this”, said the Head of Genine Resources (although he told the CEO privately that he can embrace artifs also to try and convert them).

Conversation with a philosopher
“But what if I am caught unawares by an artif, and I don’t know how to fight back? It is scary and out of fear I may succumb to the artif pressure…”, an average genine asked the philosopher genine. “Son! Live through the moment, do not react before connecting with your genine self. It will only take a few minutes of pause before you gain composure and respond the genine-way. Sometimes losing to an artif is not bad. Kindness helps! The truth of this universe is ‘artifs are genines that have lost their way’, let us be kind to them”, replied the philosopher genine calmly. “But they don’t believe so and their acts are amplified by the CEIVE which is blinding them further…but everything in time…persist…”, he concluded.

Author’s note
As I stated at the beginning of the story, this saga of rivalry between genines and artifs originated centuries ago and it will not conclude easily I am afraid. Each believe that they will eventually gain an upper hand. The artifs continue to be blood thirsty killing genines all the time, even when they make one small mistake, as small as saying “hello, how are you?” the artif way and blowing their cover. The genines on the other hand continue to train harder and build strength to insulate themselves from every single artif weapon with the INTERCONNECT acting as the bridge and power to back them up.

It is for all of us to choose I guess when we say, do or think about something – the gen(u)ine or the artif(icial) way. To subscribe to the (per)CEIVE Inc. or the more enhancing INTERCONNECT(edness) Inc. To be driven by passion and belief guided by values or consumed by spread-ware from the CEIVE Inc.

Post Edit: (Thanks to some reflective discussions with friends) This post does not attempt to brand/stereotype a specific trait/mannerism to be genuine or artificial and qualify one to be better than the other. And the narration above is not with real people, but the characteristic assumed by them in that context 🙂

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13 replies

  1. Artifs are many and it’s number is increasing..but it’s genine which will bring the long term change …
    Another masterpiece !!
    What if another kingdom invites artifs and genine for competition …could be the next link in your story..with some twists and turns….genine is permanent..artifs are mostly short lived..


  2. Highly evolved post! Although i preassumed it to be a bedtime story at first and was quite disappointed when it turned out not to be one, i realised at the second read that this post has taken your writing to a different level. Brilliant message!
    It is a fact that war/competition/ would continue between artifs and genines but the beauty lies in being genine in midst of artifs.
    How else the genine would feel good about themselves without the existence of the artifs!! Coexistence and acceptance is so genine and relevant.
    Thank you. Curious for your next post!


  3. Hello Young moon! This post really trigerred the mind to an extent that i along with my friends had a long discussion about being genine and artif.
    I would as well like to add that no matter how artif one exhibits deep within there is always traces of genine which one has to recognize.
    Also i could connect to ”The Nightingale” saga where the theme subtly explains the ”real versus artificial” and how being genine makes life happier.


  4. I’m really short of words .. its just amazing to see you come up with such diverse,creative and thought provoking renditions each time..genuinely got connected to this post! Well done..


  5. Brilliant. I feel like being back at college discussing Plato’s cave allegory. The meaning and significance of perception, what is actually real and why knowledge can only be gained through philosophical reasoning.
    This is just as powerful, especially in light of the prevalence of fake news these days. We are often being manipulated, our values and beliefs under constant attack.


  6. Brilliant piece of writing Phani!! It is so wonderful to see your posts and to see you evolving as a writer.
    This is a very relevant topic of today’s generation and I am glad you covered it and did your bit to spread the word about the importance of being genuine.
    The way you set the context. Not to mention the pretext and subtext, you are indeed levelling up your textual power in writing.
    It also reminds me of a book that I read out to my class of all ladies “Beyond the Masquerade” by Juli Slattery.
    She speaks on the same lines and advocates why one should be preferred over the other.

    Keep up the good work. More power to you !

    Darshana Singh


  7. Another thought provoking message wound around a storyline!


  8. It is amazing how you put across such deeper thoughts at ease for the readers. It becomes a necessity that one must master discernment to fight this relentless War…:)


  9. So nicely scripted . The narration moved from story telling to thought provoking lesson. Thanks Young Moon 🙂


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