the right language

In a caring stream, of love serene,
the perfect communication, words unseen
blessing the little one, with a gift of dreams
language of mother, has the feeling supreme

in times of distress, like a shoulder to lean
in times of doubt, like a mirror pristine
alike in praise or censure, the words would seem
language of friendship, has the diction supreme

bubbling with purpose, sharing a dream
persisting the vision, until it is seen
voiding the self, only the message resonating
language of leadership, has the character supreme

standing on its own, with a brilliant sheen
reflecting outside, what lies within
destroying barriers, of false esteem
language of integrity, has the truth supreme

with the right intent, firmly carrying
on the channel of trust, slowly empowering
the right environment, gently creating
the language of silence, has the potent supreme


7 Comments on “the right language

  1. This is a great poem # Enjoyed reading each Word and the Rhymes used in with great messege on communication

  2. Dimensions of communication are numerous and you’ve communicated them well in the poem.

  3. I am not good when it comes to going through poems, it took two attempts for me to get the thought.. but that’s wonderful.. Kudos to your efforts 😊

  4. Indeed!
    My thoughts resonate with your’s. Such simple words and sequence of rhyme, yet the message is so loud and profound. Always a delight to read your poems- Darshana Singh

  5. Liked it.. very apt and thought provoking for Default vs the current.

  6. What it takes to deliver the best, you have within..
    I have no words to appreciate your creative engine ..
    To know what comes next Your readers are keen..
    Your posts and poetry are just supreme..

    Awesome poem!

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