A pebble story

Tibble was shot into the beach by a rogue looking wave. He was chipped away from a sedimentary rock several hundred miles north of the beach and was subject to much grinding. He was tossed around through the ocean bed, bumped into multiple corals and rolled in and out of beaches. It looked as if no beach was willing to accept him. After what felt like a couple of hundred years, he finally landed in this beach expanse. The wave spit him really far into the beach and Tibble rolled on the sand like a disc and screeched to a halt. He looked around to familiarize himself with the environment but couldn’t find anyone else that looked like him.

They called it White sand beach as he learnt later. The beach expanse was like a semi-circular curve caving into the mainland and surrounded by dense forest paths bordering it. Small hills surrounded the place slightly away from the beach and through the forest path. It was a busy but friendly place, attracting visitors all around the year. On a bright sunny day, the beach reflected the pouring sunlight resembling a sheet of white snow, giving the beach its name.

White sand was home for busy crabs, sprightly small insects, friendly snakes and joyful tortoises. Billions (and they thought even more than that) of grain of sand lived happily on the beach. They enjoyed everyday and welcomed the visitors that came by all day and night long. They played with the creatures that crawled on and around them. Some creatures made tiny homes with the grains of sand and some made temples that were sacred and no one were allowed to enter. Some made burrows deep within and the sand grain were amazed at the skills these creatures exhibited. Each sand grain was proud to be a protector for many creatures. Life went on happily and new sand grain would join the ones on the beach brought by the gush of water washing them ashore everyday. As the waves, the wind and other creatures constantly moved them around, they told stories to the other grains of their experiences.

As Tibble landed on the beach, the grain around gathered to look at him. He had weary sad eyes. In a stark contrast to the white beach, Tibble look shiny black. “He is darker than that giant crawlers and shinier than Mr. Tortoise’s shell”, whispered the grain. Tibble didn’t want to speak to anyone after years and years of rude treatment by the sea. “Look at the crown on his head, its curious”, the grain said and Tibble let out a sigh that blew a few grain away.

“Why did I have to be so weird and different”, Tibble thought. He watched the sand grain being playful and merry all the time. “Why don’t you play with us…pity no one wants to carry you around…”, they said as Tibble watched a few grain being carried by a line of ants towards the forest path. “We will home the ants”, they said proudly.

Tibble’s arrival quickly spread across the beach. “So you are the new jewel from the sea?”, the big black crawler inspected Tibble as he spun around him, “you look so shiny”. Tibble didn’t react and kept silent and looked at a gang of sand grain flew past, “we are so light hearted, in fact, we are as light as the wind and we enjoy flown around, look at us fly…wheeeeeeee!”, as they drifted towards the sea.

He was occasionally pushed around by a naughty crab or small ambitious insects trying to dig under him for shade. “The real mark of friendship is if you find someone who can carry you around, not toss around”, some sand grain teased him.

“Is there no one else around like me?”, he asked a tortoise that was walking past him in slow motion. “Not quite like you, but there are some hard ones lying around and they say that the sea has unfinished business with them”, he said. “I know what that means, they will be tossed around and mistreated, until they are completely abandoned like me”, Tibble sighed. “You see there is a difference. Lot of folks here seem to be talking about you, and silently seeing you from a distance, you seem pretty in a way, like my shell. You are called the sea jewel by the white sand inhabitants”, he smiled and walked away.

After what seemed like a lot of time and Tibble moving around the beach, mostly carried around by the melting snow or a friendly inhabitant, the beach saw a new set of visitors. “Curious ones they are, they move with just two limbs and they are always picking things and throwing them around”, the grain spoke. Tibble didn’t encounter them, although he kept hearing some news about these curious bipeds.

One day when Tibble was in his usual grave mood looking aimlessly, he heard the sand grain around him shake, which normally happened when a creature went past the place. The sand grain heard a shriek! “Look at this short one jumping in place”, they said. Before he realized, Tibble found himself lifted in the palm of a cute looking creature. She shrieked “look mama, I found the most beautiful stone in the whole beach. It is so shiny and it is like a heart with a face, I will keep him with me and play with him everyday…”. So saying she kissed the stone and took her to another one she addressed as mama. “Yes indeed Doris! this looks gorgeous, must be a rare piece in this beach”, mama said. Tibble got a full view of the entire beach for the first time as he was carried around by the Doris and saw several stones and rocks lying around closer to the sea-shore. “The sea makes these hard rocks turn into beautiful round pebbles over a long period”, mama told Doris. Tibble was filled with joy and thanked the sea for not giving up on him and molding him to be a lovable pebble. As he was carried around by the Doris he told himself “I have a friend finally” and bid farewell to the beach.

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11 replies

  1. Amazing personification of an abstract idea..The hardships of life mould, bring out the uniqueness and present the best in us to the world..the transformation journey of Tibble is worth a read .. thanks for sharing!


  2. Every grain of sand, pebbles, stones on that white sand beach was a person… The description was so good i never doubted that these were living things…
    Wonderful story, with a different way of storytelling that keeps u submerged till the end…. Thanks for sharing phani….


  3. “The real mark of friendship is if you find someone who can carry you around, not toss around”. Great way of expressing friendship Phani, awesome, yet again 🙂


  4. Touching and feel good story. Thanks for sharing Phani!


  5. Moral: Just because someone makes one down, does not mean that one is not worthy, “the someone” might not be worthy to see the worthiness in the one.


  6. Excellent story! Short and crisp! Reminded me of a Marathi song, where a baby swan was brought among a bunch of duck babies, who were cuter than him as babies. And then one day, he looks at his own reflection to realize he is a swan, far more beautiful than the ducks around him 🙂


  7. Excellent blog Phani 🙂 Such a nice and excellent message around the story of pebble


  8. Yes, beautifully woven story. We have to maintain a culture of transformation and stay true to our values. Every story has such a relevant and inspiring message to it. Thanks for doing your bit, hope we can do our´s now 🙂


  9. Unique and beautiful in our own way makes us different from the rest
    Thanks for the blog Phani 🙂


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