Forwords & Afterwords

16th Century Persia

“I was born here like you, but I traveled the world very quickly, I have been subject to some dirty places, and very expensive ones too!”, said bazaar. 

“Are you very rich then? Is that why you traveled? To get rich?”, asked the young boy who was about to set out on his journey.

“You will find out, I am proud of you, the articles will stay close to you, and you will be tossed around until you find your place. I am sure you will. Richness will be fleeting! So don’t get excited, I have seen extremely rich and inexplicably poor situations in the same day”, said bazaar and bid goodbye to the boy. In a few days bazaar got to know that the boy went missing and the articles had no clue.

Around the same time, in a far away place:

“I give you life ‘addiction’”, said the playwright. “You will live on forever and in higher circles”. 

Word has it that “addiction” suffered immense negative attention. First the rich abused it, but very soon, abuse became more commonplace.

Present day

“It’s hard to say if we helped develop feelings or the other way round, but those times were different”, said Love. “In what way?”, asked the new kid on the block by name Commodify. 

“Well! each one of us were held very close and treasured. Every utterance was filled with deep emotions and released with joy. We represented a new ability – to transmit and share. We were the true message bearers. Even in lying there was total genuineness and ownership of us”, deeply reflected Love, who was supposedly one of the earliest of the lot to come to life. 

“And now with the likes of you coming out to life, it describes the situation quite well, Commodify, sorry but no offense”, said We, another one thought to be born very early in the origin of the language.

“There was so much weight and commitment behind us that together we were both enough to bond two people forever”, said I and Do in unison. “Is that so? Isn’t it too easy?”, asked Commodify. “Love can testify! She has been the reason and witness for centuries. Wars were waged on her name and she could hold two people or an entire nation together just by making them believe in her”, replied We.

“Thank you We, but those were the days. There were so many that uttered me from their heart. The connections were stronger for a lot of people, between their minds and hearts. What say Sorry?”, asked Love. “Yeah! I was one of the tough cookies apparently, very hard to invoke myself, but once I was there, I meant something, it calmed people down…it meant something…now I get thrashed around Love. You are no different eh, brother Thank?”, said Sorry.

“I am uttered zappier than a sneeze and I am gone before the blink of an eyelid, if that makes you happy Sorry?”, said Thank with a heavy voice. “I wonder who teaches the kids these days on how to speak, nah, how much to mean what you speak!”, he added.

Something blew past very quickly distracting the conversation. “Yeah right! The folks distracting everyone out there – Speed and her buddies”, said Meaning looking intently at Purpose. Slow and Pause walked in looking pale and dejected. “We may soon become extinct! We are associated with bad karma in current times”, they said. “Stay close to Purpose and Persistence, I told you before. Growth will soon follow. She likes it when you are together. Without them, you will not be adopted Slow”, said Love lovingly.

“How did you survive the test of time Love? I mean I for one went from north to south in my meaning and now not many can share me freely”, said Egregious sulkily. “I have found a means to go outside in. Even though I have been used peripherally sometimes, persisting long enough, does the trick”, said Love. “I am not sure if I understood you…”, said Egregious with a confused look. “You need me, I will help you understand the meaning” said Pause looking at Meaning with a smile.

“I feel so let down, I am a disgrace to my creator”, said Addiction. Egregious suddenly looked happy, there was someone alongside who suffered a difficult fate than himself.

“I am one of those that came from a foreign land, and I have seen so many young ones perish even before they crossed the borders. It is true that we should cherish the words we have with us and be respectful”, said the old looking Bazaar.

“Do you think that the words in your land have similar feelings as us? Not owned, thrown around without pause, purpose or meaning most times?”, asked Chutney, another entrant from a foreign land. Chutney felt comfortable in the presence of Bazaar.

“More or less, but I would like to be humble and not speak for everyone out there”, Bazaar kept silent.

“Ah don’t be so gloomy folks, not with me in the discussion”, said Hope. “In time, the connections will grow stronger again. People will discover the forgotten paths between their minds and hearts. Every word will be treated with respect”, said Hope bringing cheer to everyone. “But until then hang on tight, let Pause be your best friend”, announced Meaning. “And when Pause is at work, each of you dig a little more deeper and create a better channel”, said Purpose. “I will be there to hold it all together”, said Love.

“Hang on”, came the classical poke of the much feared bully they called But. “You behave as if it’s just you folk, who will convey this to the rest of us common folks eh?”, he said. “Don’t worry But, we are words, aren’t we? Once we start somewhere, ‘we spread around!’, join us”, said Slow.

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5 replies

  1. Complicated article, full of deeper meaning! It took me three readings to understand some of it! Interesting 🙂


  2. Beautiful touch of personifying the words to convey the meaning!” remarked the Sun to the Moon 😀


  3. It’s so relevant. Many messages in one article. Beautifully written.


  4. A thoughtful article that gets a person to contemplate.. perhaps there are other characteristics like PASSION, Consistence, that compliment too.. 🙂


  5. Personified in the best way
    Different one and enjoyed reading it 👍👍


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