The line

Start lineMelting the haze of confusion, with a lucid shine
this person’s speak, makes even the enemies benign
such ease of speech and diction! will I ever divine?
“Nay!”, says the doubting mind, and draws a blinding line

Allaying grimaces with wit, softening every pain
solving problems before they’re born, she is a knowledge fountain
such depth of skill and know-how, will it ever be mine?
“Nay!”, says the doubting mind, and draws a blinding line

Always wanted to be like that person, how well he could do…
…cover many a league and more, before I could barely move
such strength and spirit to apply, for I could only pine
“Nay! not you”, says the doubting mind, and draws a blinding line

Tearing through hesitations, it’s sharper than a samurai’s sword
making instant connections, that empathetic silent smile is so loud
such inviting openness to let everyone be mine, can I ever be that shrine?
“Nay! hold your reserve”, says the doubting mind, and draws a blinding line

Although like a hazy dream, but a persistent calling deep within
like an innocent cry unattended, a distant faint little scream
“you could do so much more”, the voice says, “if you did better than whine”
“Nay!”, snaps the doubting mind, and draws a blinding line

Like a resilient rock hidden under the gushing stream
the unrelenting voice stands firm, faint it may seem
“Face the blinding line”, it says, “take a step forward facing”
For it is but a “start line” that just needs crossing

“Nay!”, says the doubting mind, “be safe behind the line”
Chooseyay! just once“, says the little voice, “and see the mind align”
“with you then!”, says the jolted mind, “we were always a team”
a tiny step to cross the start line“, it says, “towards your cherished dream”

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14 replies

  1. Wowww…chose ‘Yay’ just once. Motivating👏👏


  2. Great poetry and with meaningful lyrics..!

    A motivational poetry recites Young Moon.. Just saying YaY will be a boon.. !!


  3. An exquisite use of words penned down with such grace. The transition of the flow from drawing a blinding line to facing it is so motivating. Reading the initial lines hit me straight into my guts. Oh! I felt that. Pouring the usual feeling into words beautifully and inspiring us to overcome it is what the poet does. Thank you for sharing a wonderful


  4. Excellent! a tiny step to cross the start line – that’s the tag line!!


  5. Crafted, stitched.. yet so natural. Young Moon has presented a fine blend with welcome soft strokes that stand out and speak loud.

    Certainly a big ‘Yay’ for the mirror that always gets to find its place in Reflectikon!


  6. A great choice of rhythmic words to cross the boundaries of own self. The poem is so beautifully crafted to achieve our goals.


  7. The words we say to ourselves are just as important as any that we’ll ever speak out loud. ⁣
    The fears we don’t face become our own limits
    Such beautifully crafted poem


  8. Couldn’t hold myself from penning below:
    Keeping all apprehensions and doubts at bay..
    May be a slight flutter, all that is needed for your wings to sway ..
    Difficult it may seem today ..
    But Looking at your will ..Sky will turn Azure and clear for your dream to come to play !
    Just Dare to say ‘Yay’ ..

    What an amazing inspiring poem .. A mastercraft to treasure .. Thank you for sharing!


  9. Yay, now that was something I wanted to hear today 😊; this is a masterpiece ; raw & gets the message across ; I so liked the flow, structure and choice of words, bravo !!


  10. Wow Crafted to perfection…excellent Phani


  11. Those lines above took atleast a couple of strikes at the cords of inner dreams kept within.. and I believe thats the best compliment this can get!
    Thank you – From the little voice!


  12. Waoooo…this poem is so beautifully crafted with words…and all the Black bold letter words marked in the end made much impact with message passed so well…just awesome


  13. Excellent craft of words, to boost up the inner one 🙂


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