A tale of two stones

Long searched for that fitting stone,
men of skill in the sculpting zone.
Searched all corners, but found not one,
Until they saw those two lying prone.
Jumped with joy as their toils won,
let's carve out a sacred deity did they all reckon,
worshiped by all as long stayed the moon and sun,
They set out for the task with great devotion.
Now the two stones there were best of friends,
Supported each other through the thick of times,
The hostile weather could never make them part,
With the sculpting, one was pleased while the other was not.
As the sculptors chiseled and tore them apart,
one bore the pain happily, while the other tried to thwart.
Then came the time to unveil the artifact,
One became a deity, the other just the basement’s part!
Time went by and the temple’s glory spread
Ornated and worshipped, the deity with all valuables gifted
Withered was the basement day in and day out,
Tormented it was by the trodding feet.
One day it could take this no longer,
“Tell me my friend”, why this difference in our stature.
“Oh my friend”, the deity replied with pity and composure,
I allowed to be molded while you resisted in anger.
Simple message hidden in this fable,
Lies great meaning in all our turmoil,
Small or big be the passing pain,
It always unveils unimaginable gain.
May this day remind you of all the gifts,
In whatever form – garlands or hammer hits.
Wish you respond always, like the humbling gem,
molded into a deity, and be always valued like one

Poem originally written by me in 2008, this is a repost with minor changes

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9 replies

  1. Wonderful post, Phani! It’s far better to be a stone that goes through travails and is chiselled into a shape, than a stone that sits around waiting to be shaped but never catching the sculptors’ eye… (And then, moss or no moss, it becomes a ‘rolling stone’, perhaps?!)

    P.S. of course there are some ‘lucky’ stones that may not need to be chiselled, and their mere shape gets them garlands, but they are few and far between… Hence the chiselling is welcome!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Resisting change is what creates energy blockages. Accepting what is showing up for us so that we can flow with it is necessary.
    Nice poem Phani
    Always a treat to read your writings 😄


  3. Wonderful piece with an even more wonderful message.!


  4. Very beautifully written👍🏻
    Change is inevitable and this message is well drafted in the poem. We can choose to allow external positive forces to shape up our lives and become a better version, rather than resisting change and stay stagnant in our thinking and overall in life. Change is difficult but if we keep resisting we wont evolve….
    As Darwin once said, “It is not the strongest or most intelligent species that survives. It is the one who is most adaptable to change”.
    Thanks for sharing😊

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  5. Wow! What a message conveyed so poetically!


  6. Another master piece!!!!


  7. Wow 🙂
    Written very beautiful 🙂
    Crafted with lot of emotions 🙂


  8. Please take a bow…I really admire your thought process and such unique way of putting everything with impactful messege always,Awesome one Phani…Keep inspiring and keep sharing with us 🙂


  9. Beautifully demonstrated how a growth vs a fixed mindset can enable happiness and new opportunities within one’s professional and personal life 😊


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