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What is Reflectikon

Reflectikon is a collection of stories, articles and poems. Each of them tries to encapsulate a moral value, a principle or an inspiration with the hope of creating an appeal to the reader to pause, reflect and connect with the message(s). The aim is not create a prescriptive moral code or try to establish an authority on one, but to engage the readers on positive and (mostly) known values via engaging content.

The inspiration for Reflectikon comes from real conversations and day to day incidents at workplace and the primary appeal for these articles also tend to be for the “people at work“. However each story or article is written in a way that it can be perused by enthusiastic readers without any prerequisite imposed on them. So far the purpose has been achieved with Reflectikon engaging a diverse set of readers from different backgrounds and communities.

The tag cloud given below provides a view on the type of articles posted and should give an overview of what to expect from Reflectikon.

There is an index page where the author has put together a collection of popular stories with a one line summary of what the story/article is trying to convey. As can be noted from this page, the stories vary from being fictional, contemporary, children’s stories and abstract. Most of the stories are elaborate and cannot be consumed in a rush. The intent is to engage the reader, even if in a minor way, to pause and reflect.

There is nothing more rewarding than receiving the reader’s reflections on the posts. Please consider providing your thoughts on the articles (towards the end of each post) or any other feedback via this page.

Why the name?

The author assumes the role of a mirror that is merely trying to reflect the inspiration dawning upon it constantly from all around and hopes to learn continuously from the light & wisdom of discerning readers.

With the hope that the reader finds the same joy as the author does when a story starts to shine on Reflectikon, thank you for your time and happy reading!

“If words come from the heart, they will enter the heart. If they come from the tongue, they will not pass beyond the ears.”
― Rumi

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