Welcome to Reflectikon

Inspiration for Reflectikon

I have been fortunate to be surrounded by some seriously smart (serious & smart not always at the same time) people showering light…err…intelligence and insight (mostly for free!). It is a joy to pause and cherish the opportunities, challenges, successes & failures and bounce some of those insights back into the open. Reflectikon is a small attempt to do the same.

What I do

I work in the software services industry and hence my posts will naturally have an influence from that perspective. I also consider myself an amateur poet (for some time now and at this point in time, I can clearly see my keyboard smirking at me) and if you find posts of rhyming words colliding with you, try to read them slow and sing along if possible, it would leave a better taste 🙂

In conclusion, I write for fun, and more importantly to learn and practice the art of reflection. I would be most grateful if you take the time to read and provide feedback with your insights, either via comments to the posts or directly if you know how to reach out to me.

Thanks for stopping by!

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