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Writer, poet and an enthusiast | Executive manager working in a technology leadership role working for a great organization profession : in the field of Software Services role : works with a "loooot" of highly competent and inspiring people with a diverse multi-cultural background
...enjoys : meetings(!), err...engaging conversations in solving problems, animated movies, connecting with people, reading up on technology, rapidtyping, finding inspiration all around
...self-declared : best cook in the world
...usually : cheerful & extremely positive
...believes : in "happiness to one and all"
...pastime : collecting reflectikons

  • Truthsayers 3 – Spectres

    “Next time you hear the tree wail in your dream, try to talk to her. We need a clue to solve the riddle of Clearia. Don’t be afraid”, Alder spoke kindly after the mayors left the boy and their trusted… Read More ›

  • Truthsayers – Enoeth

    This is part 2 of the story of Truthsayers, click here to read the first part – Truthsayers – Fake Fever 1650 Whitesong (not so far from the Orphanage) “In the beginning everyone was a truthsayer. We had a deep… Read More ›

  • Roots of Integrity

    Journeying through darkness, in a world that seems upside down Straining every moment, to seek victory against mud and stone

  • Truthsayers – Fake Fever

    1650 – Whitesong As was the fate of most orphans, Ekafton was abandoned by his parents at the doorstep of the orphanage. “That’s a strange name that your parents chose to give you – E..Kaf..ton!”, Mrs. Dinik, the matron said… Read More ›

  • The Forgetful Turtle

    “Something seems to be bothering you today Rhea!”, said Gregor as he watched his daughter being deeply thoughtful. “Some interactions at work, I don’t want to talk about it”, she said, “…yeah well, it doesn’t hurt to say, I have… Read More ›