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  • The hidden treasure

    “…and there are some treasures which remain an enigma, we know nothing of them, they lay out there, undiscovered…and take along with them some of the finest archaeologists”, concluded Prof Harrison about the attempts to uncover the lost Treasure of… Read More ›

  • Mopstick

    “Sparkling clean now! if we are happy, then the guests will also be happy, right sir?”, Ramu remarked at the service supervisor as he came out of the deluxe room of the Taj hotel Mumbai where he worked as a… Read More ›

  • Respectfully speaking

    “…your stories and morals may not have practical application granny”, Hari took a deep breath. “Why! something happened at work today nani?”, smiled Grandma. “No I mean, not just today, as I interact with more people, and have all these… Read More ›

  • The Foundation

    “Being mindlessly busy seems to be an incurable disease of your generation…”, Hari heard grandma’s angry voice as he entered home from work, and noticed that she was upset about something that his mom did not do well. “Now why… Read More ›

  • On the sidelines

    2035 AD – Vijayawada ‘Ramu, your shave efficiency is 75% compared to all men of your age that shaved this morning’, came a digital voice from the smart shaver. “Yeah? where did I miss the rest 25%?”, Ramu asked with… Read More ›

  • Three Questions

    Hari tried to wrap up his work for the day sooner than usual. “My grandmother is visiting us…”, he said to inquiring looks from his colleagues, “…she is already home and will be staying with us for the next two… Read More ›

  • A tale of two stones

    Long searched for that fitting stone,men of skill in the sculpting zone.Searched all corners, but found not one,Until they saw those two lying prone. Jumped with joy as their toils won,let’s carve out a sacred deity did they all reckon,worshiped… Read More ›

  • the enemy

    It was half past one on a Friday afternoon and one could hear faint footsteps and an occasional opening and closing of the shelf doors. This was not the usual time for students to hang out in the library, and… Read More ›

  • Fist bump

    I first heard about Alvaro during my weekend shift at the John Jenkins geriatrics hospital. Fatima, my colleague walked into the Doctor’s room around noon, shortly after her ‘patient field trip’ as she called it, for fun. “He is one… Read More ›

  • True Might

    The royal family, generals, ministers, the royal guard and people of the Vishala kingdom in large numbers gathered around the arena adjacent to the gurukul. Guru Dhira announced yet another session of training where he would accept new students into… Read More ›