Author: Young Moon

Young moon is an enthusiast exploring the wonders of life. Believes in - "happiness to one and all" and in the deeper purpose of life - actively in pursuit/practice to realize the same. A senior manager working in a technology leadership role by profession and works with a "loooot" of highly competent and inspiring people with a diverse multi-cultural background. Enjoys : meetings(!), err...engaging conversations in solving problems, animated movies, connecting with people, reading up on technology, rapidtyping, finding inspiration all around. Is a self-declared : best cook in the world. Usually : cheerful & extremely positive. Pastime : collecting reflectikons.

Volleying nicely…

“Sorry sir, your room is in another section of the building, you have to come down to the reception floor and go to the 4th floor from here for breakfast”, the voice on the phone sounded cordial, but I thought there was a tinge of “haven’t I told you this last night when you checked in?”.

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Jump with you

“There is inspiration all around us, if we pause to sense it and draw from it”, teased John looking at Joshua and drawing a deep breath of the cool evening air. As the golden orange light of the setting sun flooded the valley and the slopes of the mountain that they called the blue hammer, the two men paused on their way back to their lodging on the hill-top to soak up the majestic view yet another time.