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WhatsInIt – A Cheery-merry story

The animals of the cheery-merry jungle were perplexed. Due to lack of rain over the past few years the small ponds and water pits that provided access to water within the deep jungle dried out. They had to walk several animiles Advertisements


but bad or good

<Wrong/great> articulation <kills/promotes good> message

the CET zone

So much is spoken about (and rightly so) coaching/feedback as an essential ingredient to making rapid progress, lifting morale and constantly enhancing potential(at work or play). However, the aspect of truly transferring the “chi” (so to say) to exactly deliver the learning/input to the…

The Humble Giants

Meaning(M) Vs Assumption(A)

M : I can hide in plain sight A : Thanks to that, I am more friendlier and visible everywhere