Category: Experiential

the CET zone

So much is spoken about (and rightly so) coaching/feedback as an essential ingredient to making rapid progress, lifting morale and constantly enhancing potential(at work or play). However, the aspect of truly transferring the “chi” (so to say) to exactly deliver the learning/input to the…


pushing the limits

It was the summer of 2017. We were gathered in a conference hall for the summit organized by TCS for the Nordics customers. The hall was buzzing with representatives from multiple companies from the Nordics and there was a great sense of anticipation on…

beyond the mist

Yet another cold morning with a slight drizzle and heavy clouds gathering around, hinting of an upcoming downpour. There was a general sense of urgency in every stride on the road trying to scurry along to reach the destinations (it was office time anyway!)….

The Screaming Pressure Cooker

Ever used a pressure cooker before? In an Indian household (regardless of the location I think) one of the common sounds indicating the hustle and bustle of the morning action are the whistles of the pressure cooker, preparing food for the day. And sometimes…

daily doings

A minor experiment using pseudo code (resembles Ruby programming language, but syntax is not accurate to make it easy to read). Non programmer readers, you should be also able to follow along, please read through until the end.