A tale of two stones

Long searched for that fitting stone,men of skill in the sculpting zone.Searched all corners, but found not one,Until they saw those two lying prone. Jumped with joy as their toils won,let’s carve out a sacred deity did they all reckon,worshiped… Read More ›

The line

Melting the haze of confusion, with a lucid shine this person’s speak, makes even the enemies benign such ease of speech and diction! will I ever divine? “Nay!”, says the doubting mind, and draws a blinding line


“I need answers right now, to all problems of my life”, said the student. “Very well, even if you get those answers right in your face, you wouldn’t notice them, unless you have the questions ready”, replied the Sensei.


In making it count, in the wake of every momentIn shaping it right, unfolding a new meaning to light