Truthsayers 3 – Spectres

“Next time you hear the tree wail in your dream, try to talk to her. We need a clue to solve the riddle of Clearia. Don’t be afraid”, Alder spoke kindly after the mayors left the boy and their trusted… Read More ›


The Forgetful Turtle

“Something seems to be bothering you today Rhea!”, said Gregor as he watched his daughter being deeply thoughtful. “Some interactions at work, I don’t want to talk about it”, she said, “…yeah well, it doesn’t hurt to say, I have… Read More ›

Sense and Share

In the eastern wild forest of Africa lived a pack of monkeys. They lived and moved together with the forest offering a bounty of fresh wild fruit, flowers and leaves for them to feed on. As they fluidly moved on… Read More ›