the CET zone

So much is spoken about (and rightly so) coaching/feedback as an essential ingredient to making rapid progress, lifting morale and constantly enhancing potential(at work or play). However, the aspect of truly transferring the “chi” (so to say) to exactly deliver the learning/input to the recipient in a way that it is received happily and internalized, is no meaner an act than a tight rope walk over a chasm. Continue reading “the CET zone”


Discover before deliver…

One of the over used terms, and may be rightly so in a professional sense, is “end-to-end”. Think end-to-end, understand how to deliver an end-to-end experience, work towards meeting end-to-end expectations and so on… Continue reading “Discover before deliver…”

Waiting for the idealistic…

Distance is conquered in a journey mile by mile, turn by turn…but not just by dreaming of the destination. Keeping the destination in view of course would act as the impetus to take the next mile. Continue reading “Waiting for the idealistic…”

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