To help readers get a glimpse of the stories and articles on Reflectikon, here is a miniature index (non-exhaustive) categorized by broad level topics. I will try to update and improvise this progressively. This list does not include poems of Reflectikon, which can be accessed via this page

For the leader in you…
…what does it take to inspire the fire of learning, a time tested ancient method of coaching and appreciationBee their fire
…connecting with the teams, giving confidence and creating memorable experiencesJump with you
…a fictional story of a magical mirror and on inspiring change selflesslyThe Soul Whisperers
…a classroom discussion on where does the power to (be an) execute (ive) comes fromTrue power
…creating an environment of trust to inspire genuine conversations and open cultureThe forgetful turtle
…a fictional story on the power of being truthful and steadfastThe real truth
…Mr. Giggs has huge responsibility to keep the barn animals together – and ensuring that they don’t competea barn story

Growing together
…importance of laying a good foundation narrated via a couple of innocent incidentsa matter of
…a magical story of a struggling young man and his discovery of what is true successSeek or Speak
…working together can be deadly if it involves deep sea diving, but it can be fun too. A story on watching each other’s back and winningDive and Return
…surviving fierce fires and growing stronger – valuable lessons from natureGrow responsibly
…from the forests of Africa, a story from a pack of monkeys on survival and friendshipSense & Share
…a heroic tale of a blind girl – on the importance of remembering one’s roots and nurturing good cultureThe spring, cave and the little girl
…the seven ghosts that haunt kingdoms, and the magical chamber that rescues them – a story on sticking together as a teamBECK
…a simple message from a loving old woman that all birds flock toflocking to

To the one that never gives up…
…a fictional story of a prince who accomplishes a demanding task and finds out what he is really capable ofthe demanding hill
…it is not how many things that you do that matters, but the love with which even the simplest of things are done – a story of determinationkeep digging
…a story of a warrior prince and his hard training that lets him overcome an impossible taskOne shot, a lifetime of practice
…a story of the worst potter the world has even seen, and the difference he makes to everyone around himRight level
…two brilliant shepherd dogs, one with guts and the other with wits – a story set in a farm house by the hillsBesty and Gutsy
…a story on the importance of asking the right questionsWhat is your ask

The joy of abstraction…
…the history of words spoken by words and for wordsForwords & Afterwords
…the story of a high tower and the crisis withinThe high tower
…there is appreciation in the air, from a small pebble to the big blue seaa pebble story
…the biggest rivalry ever with no end to the fighting, but should that be so?The Relentless War
…the debate between meanings and assumptionsMeaning Vs Assumption
…in what zone does feedback lie? “In mine of course”, says CETThe CET Zone

Tales of Harry, the most famous Ant…
…the story that started it all – the beginning of Harry’s adventuresMove on…
…being a real ant takes many things, but the most important ingredient as the ants call it is…Antegrity
…living by the code to protect the colony, what makes Harry the most popular of them allDist-Ant
…there is something which even Harry dreads to do, a story of how he overcomes his deepest of fears – a story on overcoming stage frightAn Anthill Task
…threats are not uncommon in an ant’s life, but overcoming them takes team skillsEvac-to-great
…in a life of excitement and action, what does an ant do when “its normal”When its normal
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