To the one that never gives up…
…a fictional story of a prince who accomplishes a demanding task and finds out what he is really capable ofthe demanding hill
…it is not how many things that you do that matters, but the love with which even the simplest of things are done – a story of determinationkeep digging
…a story of a warrior prince and his hard training that lets him overcome an impossible taskOne shot, a lifetime of practice
…a story of the worst potter the world has even seen, and the difference he makes to everyone around himRight level
…two brilliant shepherd dogs, one with guts and the other with wits – a story set in a farm house by the hillsBesty and Gutsy
…a story on the importance of asking the right questionsWhat is your ask
The joy of abstraction…
…the story of the real virus and how to tackle itThe Virus
…the history of words spoken by words and for wordsForwords & Afterwords
…the story of a high tower and the crisis withinThe high tower
…there is appreciation in the air, from a small pebble to the big blue seaa pebble story
…the biggest rivalry ever with no end to the fighting, but should that be so?The Relentless War
…the debate between meanings and assumptionsMeaning Vs Assumption
…in what zone does feedback lie? “In mine of course”, says CETThe CET Zone
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