Roots of Integrity

Journeying through darkness, in a world that seems upside down
Straining every moment, to seek victory against mud and stone Continue reading “Roots of Integrity”


The High Tower

Looks like Grat is not joining the party today Ambi”, said Del. “You’ve grown big overnight Ambi”, Grat said cheerfully before Ambi could respond to Del. “More than you can think Grat, who needs touchy-feely ones like you anyway? You slow us down! Let’s go Del, tonight we celebrate”, said Ambi and the two of them vanished hand in hand. Continue reading “The High Tower”

Dive and Return

This story takes place at a time when sea exploration was done on traditional sailing ships driven by the rowing power of men assisted by wind, driving the huge sails. Merchandise via sea was common, although risk prone. Continue reading “Dive and Return”


“Watch out for The GILDACS ghosts”, said Beck as he wished Miran on the start of his gymnasium. The prince bowed in response and left the chamber. The King sent the royal party back to the palace and stayed on at the mystical chamber. “Why did you mention GILDACS?”, he asked with a concerned voice. Continue reading “BECK”

the demanding hill

The prince of Stilland had problems with everyone. He could not tolerate any distraction and blamed everything and everyone around all the time. He got infuriated instantly for trifling matters and showed no empathy. The soldiers and staff of the palace were extremely scared of his mad rage and its consequences. Continue reading “the demanding hill”

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