Truthsayers – Enoeth

This is part 2 of the story of Truthsayers, click here to read the first part – Truthsayers – Fake Fever 1650 Whitesong (not so far from the Orphanage) “In the beginning everyone was a truthsayer. We had a deep… Read More ›


Sense and Share

In the eastern wild forest of Africa lived a pack of monkeys. They lived and moved together with the forest offering a bounty of fresh wild fruit, flowers and leaves for them to feed on. As they fluidly moved on… Read More ›

Dist-Ant – The Real Fame

“Harry!”, curtly nodded Distro. “Oh hello Distro”, Harry nodded in return but Distro rushed away from the place as Harry stood there smiling, in the direction that Distro left. “There is a murmur that Distro doesn’t like you Harry”, said… Read More ›