Straight line

Perhaps an oversimplified take on Organizational alignment, but sometimes(most times) it boils down to (to start with) a set of two to three behaviors as explained in the analogy here. There was a simple instruction given in the PT class… Read More ›

the CET zone

So much is spoken about (and rightly so) coaching/feedback as an essential ingredient to making rapid progress, lifting morale and constantly enhancing potential(at work or play). However, the aspect of truly transferring the “chi” (so to say) to exactly deliver… Read More ›


This is a post in the series of adventures of Harry, the famous ant. You will find my other posts if you click on the tag harryant. As Harry marched on towards his base along with his team after the… Read More ›

Losing well

Disclaimer: “…Of course it’s a game and it is easy to be free& unconstrained in a game than in real life…” Sports and especially team sports give an intimate perspective of all the great things that are professed as desirable… Read More ›

Precisely speaking…

One of my favorite exercises in English (at school) was precis writing. The sheer transformation of a huge chunk (5 to 10 lines huge!) of text to a crisp and condensed 3 to 4 lines of simplicity and directness was… Read More ›

Juice it up

What do you think of making juice as a profession? Depending upon to which geography you belong, this could be a very normal to an extremely insulting question!