Dist-Ant – The Real Fame

“Harry!”, curtly nodded Distro. “Oh hello Distro”, Harry nodded in return but Distro rushed away from the place as Harry stood there smiling, in the direction that Distro left. “There is a murmur that Distro doesn’t like you Harry”, said Pritter in a low voice. Continue reading “Dist-Ant – The Real Fame”


When it’s normal – an ant story

This post follows from the one on Evac-to-great and continues the famous ant – Harry’s adventures with his ant cadets. Although reading previous posts would definitely provide more clarity & fun, this story also holds by itself and can be read in isolation.

After the evacuation to the “Great Hills” as Bubah, the Head of the clan put it, there was finally peace and safety in the colony. Harry’s team with the help of Continue reading “When it’s normal – an ant story”

An Anthill Task

Harry wobbled up the grooves of the hill with absolute panic wrecking through his body. He never faced such a paranoia even when he was asked to walk up to a lady cadet for the first time at Antza academy as part of the introductory regime. He faced several battles and made countless rescues, but he could never get over this ultimate nemesis of his – the fear of climbing up a hill to address the colony. Continue reading “An Anthill Task”