the real truth

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom by name Vachanasthira (steady word). Every citizen belonging to this kingdom was known to have a gift – they were honest in their word – giving the kingdom its name. Everybody told what they did or could do and lived hard to make it happen Continue reading “the real truth”


WhatsInIt – A Cheery-merry story

The animals of the cheery-merry jungle were perplexed. Due to lack of rain over the past few years the small ponds and water pits that provided access to water within the deep jungle dried out. They had to walk several animiles Continue reading “WhatsInIt – A Cheery-merry story”

An Anthill Task

Harry wobbled up the grooves of the hill with absolute panic wrecking through his body. He never faced such a paranoia even when he was asked to walk up to a lady cadet for the first time at Antza academy as part of the introductory regime. He faced several battles and made countless rescues, but he could never get over this ultimate nemesis of his – the fear of climbing up a hill to address the colony. Continue reading “An Anthill Task”