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Seek or speak

“Speak up Sssssarin…”, ridiculed the merchant.”We all know that you are slow with your words, what’s up with your legs today? Did a snail bite you…”, he cursed some more before letting Sarin drop the last of his grain bags in the store. Sarin…


Sense and Share

In the eastern wild forest of Africa lived a pack of monkeys. They lived and moved together with the forest offering a bounty of fresh wild fruit, flowers and leaves for them to feed on. As they fluidly moved on the tree tops of…

beyond the mist

Yet another cold morning with a slight drizzle and heavy clouds gathering around, hinting of an upcoming downpour. There was a general sense of urgency in every stride on the road trying to scurry along to reach the destinations (it was office time anyway!)….

The Screaming Pressure Cooker

Ever used a pressure cooker before? In an Indian household (regardless of the location I think) one of the common sounds indicating the hustle and bustle of the morning action are the whistles of the pressure cooker, preparing food for the day. And sometimes…

Five Children

Lived long ago, far beyond even time could know five children in a forest, without worry they would grow