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Straight line

Perhaps an oversimplified take on Organizational alignment, but sometimes(most times) it boils down to (to start with) a set of two to three behaviors as explained in the analogy here. There was a simple instruction given in the PT class at school to form…


Flocking to

We see this well-dressed old woman visiting the park with a couple of small sacks of peanuts, oats and other grains to feed the birds. A common sight we thought, although it was difficult to miss

but bad or good

<Wrong/great> articulation <kills/promotes good> message

The Screaming Pressure Cooker

Ever used a pressure cooker before? In an Indian household (regardless of the location I think) one of the common sounds indicating the hustle and bustle of the morning action are the whistles of the pressure cooker, preparing food for the day. And sometimes…

daily doings

A minor experiment using pseudo code (resembles Ruby programming language, but syntax is not accurate to make it easy to read). Non programmer readers, you should be also able to follow along, please read through until the end.