Volleying nicely…

“Sorry sir, your room is in another section of the building, you have to come down to the reception floor and go to the 4th floor from here for breakfast”, the voice on the phone sounded cordial, but I thought there was a tinge of “haven’t I told you this last night when you checked in?”. Continue reading “Volleying nicely…”


the CET zone

So much is spoken about (and rightly so) coaching/feedback as an essential ingredient to making rapid progress, lifting morale and constantly enhancing potential(at work or play). However, the aspect of truly transferring the “chi” (so to say) to exactly deliver the learning/input to the recipient in a way that it is received happily and internalized, is no meaner an act than a tight rope walk over a chasm. Continue reading “the CET zone”

Up the tree…

There is a small fable that goes like this – Ramu is a 10 year old kid and his big challenge in life is to climb the giant guava tree in their small garden. With its numerous and complicated branches, the guava tree made it difficult to access the ripe fruit which almost always seem to be on the higher and farther end of its top branches. Continue reading “Up the tree…”

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