Besty and Gutsy

Besty was a busy dog. He was hardly found sitting still in the farm-house at the foot of the alps. Besty’s day started with taking the sheep to the mountains along with Joe, the shepherd boy and returning home by noon. Then he patrolled the surroundings, always sniffing around and looking for signs of trouble. Continue reading “Besty and Gutsy”


that shaky ground

“are you ready? let’s see how much farther you can make it this time!”, teased the ground. “But you are not being fair, I can’t find my next step, and I don’t understand why I am laughing, it feels nice and look there…”, Dorothy tried to distract the ground while she tried to take off for what seemed to be a hundredth time (maybe more, but she didn’t care!). Continue reading “that shaky ground”

Straight line

Perhaps an oversimplified take on Organizational alignment, but sometimes(most times) it boils down to (to start with) a set of two to three behaviors as explained in the analogy here.

There was a simple instruction given in the PT class at school to form a straight line with the rest of the students – just look at the student to your right and to your left and Continue reading “Straight line”