Darshana Singh

“…writing to share my appreciation for Reflectikon, you have an ardent follower in me. Every single piece that you write has such a beautiful and relevant message to it which is not confined to one field or arena, but is applicable in all the spheres of life. 
The exuberance of your posts reflects the honesty and simplicity of your character..
Continue to share wisdom and your compassion through your posts.
Some of my favourite pieces of your writing are Precisely speaking, The screaming pressure cooker and Loosing well. Amongst my other favorites are the Ant series and Five Children…”

Darshana Singh
Retired Sr English Teacher,
La Martiniere College, Lucknow

Wildlife photographer

What amazes me is not just the writings of young moon but more than that the time, energy, focus he takes out from his challenging work and personal responsibilities in penning down deep insightful, simple yet beautifully woven stories/poems. This is sheer passion to make positive impact to teams, society and individuals. If you don’t know his other career you can outright believe that he is a professional writer and this is his primary work. That’s the quality of content/presentation Reflectikon has to offer.

Most of these concepts are fundamental but forgotten or ignored in the glamorous world driven by urgency and (only) tangible goals. These messages and stories bring out to the forefront beliefs and values which are usually pushed back due various day to day pressures. When followed in spirit one can derive a long term and sustainable competitive advantage.

Definitely recommended for every one in any walk of life.

Srikanth Ayyagari
Passionate wild life photographer, Delivery Manager in IT firm , life long student ( Alumni of IIM A)
Instagram : #photographysriks (srikanth.ayyagari.1)


I was not a reader before.. used to read certain small articles and some short stories.. perhaps I did not have patience to wait to get to the real point .. but when I started to read these posts it silently developed a habit of reading more.. some of these stories I could relate with and happen to be occurrences in the journey that I’m in.. “when we are so passionate about something we must pursue it, embrace it” .. your blog reminds me the point every time I visit.. keep writing.. 🙂👍

Head of Sales & Strategy

Reading from reflectikon always amazes me for the sheer breadth of topics it covers, the depths of imagination it dwells upon and the underlying message it always carries. As if the message itself was not wonderful enough, it always comes laced with beautiful literature and presented with a captivating story.
Phani, you have great skill and clarity in mind. I look forward to reflectikon for more and more ‘reflections’.

– Nrusimha Kiran P, Head of Sales and Strategy, Siri AB, Göteborg

Research Scientist

There are a few things about me which I cannot explain to myself. Like, the gushing water of a stream that I can gaze for hours. There’s something so natural about Reflectikon too that makes one want to spend time reading it. As an over-thinker by nature I tried to analyse, “what makes me do this?”, and one of the reasons is that these short stories seem so true to life. Positivity, honesty, hard work, compassion and other moral values – how can someone explain the normal events of our life in such a beautiful way.

Staying away from home for about 15 years for higher studies made me realize how it works – you must be strong to survive and craft your own path. But since the time I started reading these stories, I understood one thing – you just have to work with all your honest heart and work can be play. I have read some good motivational novels earlier, but science was always my genre as I thought philosophy is not possibly a reality. After coming across Reflectikon, I realized that philosophy and ideologies can be applied in practical life and can still make a person successful with all the right ways he/she takes up.

The author inspires us in various ways through his work from different walks of life. His stories reflect his intelligence, diverse knowledge and finesse in writing. For me these stories have been positivity boosters, encouraging me to be a better person every new day. Additionally, the poems of Reflectikon are an escape from the daily monotony with rousing messages embedded into them. At the end I want to thank the author for sharing his art and wisdom with us. Reading from Reflectikon makes me believe that people with such great ideologies still exist.

I wish the author all the best and we are waiting for many more Reflectikons to come.

From an avid reader,
Research Scientist
Department of Chemistry & Biotechnology
ERA Chair of Green Chemistry

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